Should I go for biz card concept 2 with shiny background?

Also, does anybody feel that the “e” “o” and “m” needs to be spelled out, or that I should include our website URL of, which feels redundant with email addy??
Your inputs greatly appreciated!

0 thoughts on “Should I go for biz card concept 2 with shiny background?

  1. i like them both, but prefer the white background. i like the pale green pointy chevron thing on the white, but not the white on the green. too contrasty or something. email is obviously email, so no need at all for an "e," to my way of thinking. it took me a minute to figure out what "o" stood for … but i’m an ancient retired person who hasn’t seen the inside of an office in 2+ years, and probably everyone else in the world would get it instantly. i kind of like isaac’s suggestion to stack phone #s on left and put liz@devise.comon the the logo!

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