Monthly Archives: November 2010

November Dusk

Purple corpuscles
congregate on trees
as violet evening
slips into place
between branches
bulging with import
It slides around
stiff cold fingers
reaching toward sky
(shaded with slate
and uneven clouds)
Limbs around my house
are afire and alight
lit with sunset
here in the valley
of the trembling,
certain fall

Design definition (oh no, not again)

The fields of user experience design are suffering through a transition of terminology, at an inflection point of becoming a discipline comprising a set of related fields that many other major professions have gone through before. For example, marketing went through such a change in the early 1900’s, according to Steve Sato, well-researched individual I talked with recently at CHIFOO. It occurs to me that engineering likewise is a large profession that’s faced up to the range of titles that necessarily exist, from mechanical engineer to civil engineer to electrical engineer to software engineer…to software architect, developer, etc.