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Interaction ’09 poem #ixd09

Interaction ’09

by E Bacon

Oh, what a tangled web we weave,
when first we practice to design.
Perhaps you felt different somehow
and saw that you could help the world,
and solve our problems with modern life;
perhaps you want to meet some peeps
who see the world the way you do,
and gather knowledge, grow your skills.
No matter what you call yourself,
today you join a tribe of folks
who care, who strive, who seek, who ask
for more, for good, for growth and change,
for better user experience,
whether product, service, space–fun or biz.
We do want to replace normal,
and shape a new interaction,
make one that stitches us together
in patterns and in time, in modes like music,
for souls do know what’s right from wrong.
So stay awhile, join yourself
with networks, groups and human beings
to weave back meaning and sustain
our energy, our passion, and our hope–
for now home, and always learning.