Today’s clearing work was a sewing project! All of these things that sit, undone, around the house are clutter: physical clutter as well as mental clutter. Taking on the thing and finishing it delivers really nice psychic dividends!

Not looking so good

I have two matching leather ottomans that have seen better days – all beat up on top, cracking material. I started to envision putting on a slipcover many moons ago. Happily, I had a beautiful red brocade fabric with golden feathers on it, just sitting in the store room. I admit that I did look online to see if I could find a good off-the-shelf slipcover, but apparently, mine are an unusual size and shape, square and rather tall. So, no dice and I searched for a slipcover pattern to sew my own.

VoilĂ : Youtube delivered! This nice guy explained the steps. My fabric was wide enough to work for this method, and I laid out then cut an approximate piece. Next, I pinned the four edges tight, to indicate the corners and where the seam would be.

Fitting time

Then it was time to wake up the sewing machine! I got it out of its storage bag in the cabinet, and got it set up. I had to switch to a dark red thread that matched the fabric, and I re-read the manual to learn how to fill the bobbin with the same thread. That came together nicely, and soon I was putting down the first stitch.

The amazing sewing machine

Don’t forget to backstitch! Oh yes. There were re-fittings and adjustments partway through, on both of them. Besides that, the sewing machine decided to start making a crunchy noise and eating the thread of the bobbin in a weird way. I consulted the manual again, and troubleshooting involved disassembling part of the machine and cleaning out lint from key nooks and crannies. That resolved the issue and the project was completed forthwith!

All done!

Ground, clear, protect: all three elements help for a happy heart and home. Stay tethered to the earth, maintain a beautiful space, and keep aware of what’s for your highest good and what isn’t yours.

Two fresh slipcovers, and one happy puppy

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