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Welcome, visitor. This little website of mine (me, Lizz) is an idiosyncratic representation of my life and mind: ranging across philosophy, art, poetry, motorsports, and other things & stuff.  

Personally, I deeply enjoy writing poetry, drawing, driving cars as fast as possible, riding motorcycles through forests and mountains, drumming, thinking deep thoughts, meditating, and enjoying good times with beloved family and friends. I also have a novel (literary/upmarket fiction) that I’m polishing and aim to find an agent for — hit me up with connections?  

Professionally, I am a product leader, combining expertise in UX research, design, strategy, and product management for software-as-a-service. Most recently, I’ve been a VP at a healthtech start-up and Director at an innovation consultancy. Right now, though, I’m back to operating my own business, Devise Consulting, and conceiving digital health transformation in an AI-enabled world. Also, I’m writing a professional book about how to sustain our souls at work — a combination of thoughtful ways to work more effectively with others AND foster positive emotional states, aka “heart sets” that benefit ourselves and our relationships. This endeavor is unfolding on my Substack and I sincerely welcome your subscription (totally free at this time)!    

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