UX sundial, iteration 3

Yea verily, iteration is a core tenet of design practice! This is the third iteration of this model with some visual improvements; after this one I’ll probably stop postering it. Refer to earlier in this blog for explanations of how these models explicate the disciplines of UX and the activities of IxD on a spectrum of Understanding –> Definition –> Communication.

0 thoughts on “UX sundial, iteration 3

  1. Oops, I have the wrong self-assessment shown for information design & interaction design (IxD); I have more experience with IxD.

  2. This diagram has a ton of utility. It could serve as educational material for people outside the UX field, who might not understand the bull breadth of disciplines that this arena encompasses. Recruiters could use the appropriate terminology to refer to the disciplines and skills involved in UX design. Additionally, the diagram serves as a way to self-define oneself as a practitioner within the UX fields. Especially if fleshed out with additional sundials for each of the UX disciplines, this diagram could represent an individual’s level of professional expertise. UX managers could take individual sundials and assess gaps in their team’s skills, for example.

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