Sweet shots from a recent track day at PIR


It was a weird track day, with a misty morning that got progressively wetter. Driving in the rain is a great fun challenge as the edge of the car’s handling reduces to a razor-thin line. But this weird wetness after months of dry weather liquidated all kinds of junk on the track, and the second morning session was a total wash (pun intended) with utterly unpredictable handling. Thankfully the clouds parted around lunch-time and the afternoon sessions were pretty much unmitigated driving joy. I continue to push the limit on turns 10-11-12 and I clocked myself going one mile-per-hour faster on the back straight (up to 127) and one second faster lap time (down to 1.32) during the third session. Now I’m getting geared up for the next-to-last event of the season this coming Saturday at ORP.

Pictures taken by Charles White Photography (all rights reserved).

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