The UX sundial model iterated — now including an IxD sundial

The fields of user experience (UX) and now the skills of interaction design (IxD) are arranged on a circular path (as before) reflecting the spectrum of product development activities, which range from:

Understanding –> Definition –> Communication. 

Thanks to all who gave feedback on the previous UX sundial; I’ve iterated it here based on a variety of comments. “Marketing” is adjusted to “Branding”. “Software Engineering” departs the dial, but this area reappears in the IxD sundial under “Interactive prototyping”. 

I’ve also added an IxD sundial, as if one were to zoom in on the “Interaction Design” wedge of the UX model. Here I explore its spectrum of skills revolving around Understanding, Definition and Communication activities. To capture the breadth of activities and methods I’ve abstracted them into twelve wedges. Not every IxD practitioner has to perform all of these activities. However, if someone isn’t using scenarios somewhere in the interaction design process, I would contend that person is not doing IxD at all.  

I remain delighted to get your comments! You can let me know if I’ve got it all figured out. 😉 I’d love to see your models! 

5 thoughts on “The UX sundial model iterated — now including an IxD sundial

  1. In case it’s not clear, the orange sections are a self-assessment of my skills across the UX fields and within the IxD discipline. After ten intense years of professional work, I’m excited to think that there are more methods and techniques to learn about and employ in my own practice.

  2. I might put information design between IA and IxD, as to me it seems to overlap with both (and not just because it shares one unique word with each).

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