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Some of the things
are coming up short
in an uncertain month
of an instable era

Inflation's high and
coming home to roost
in a turbulent year
of "interesting times"

Cursing probably won't 
fucking help 
(emphasis on probably)
so keep synthesizing,
continue inputting

Talking to the manager 
might just get you deported
so keep bowing,
keep scraping.

- May 11, 2022


Another old house
is boarded up,
its wide yard
yawning with weeds

Weeks pass and
a chain-link fence
goes up, a posterboard


The trees come out of the lot,
maybe one preserved
for the tax break,
and the dirt is torn up
as cones direct traffic
around the nuisance
of tractors and trucks

Another new condo
building is formed
from Tyvek sheets and plywood
with plastic sandwiched,
invisible later
(and still nowhere to park)

Tiny rooms get carved out
for the human worker bees
craving their little patch
at the intersection of
up-and-coming and

The future is high density.

  • E Bacon, May 6, 2023


Time doesn’t move
in a straight line —

The ruler is a
shared convention and
so is the minute
we talk about, we
each know

The clock cannot be
taken seriously,
per Alan Watts,
but social institutions
are hard to
leave behind.