Hopelessly behind & cashing in towel on #100DaysofDesign / cc @odannyboy @livlab et al

I jumped on the 100 Days of Design idea, Dan Saffer’s bandwagon, along with Livia Labate as well as Bill deRouchey, Samantha Soma, Brad Lauster and Austin Govella. I decided to practice storyboarding a generally negative or problematic daily interaction. Results pictured.

I feel that even in a few days, I started to get more objective yet abbreviated. Abstract and detail is the focus. Where is the human element, visually? The voice is there, but disembodied. I will say that on the blank days, I grabbed iPhone pics and screenshots and then transposing them to sketch form just was going to take too much time. Unfortunately for a variety of reasons, my life is ultra-complex and fluid right now and time is what I don’t have. And on this professional side of my life, the past decade+ has consumed immense attention. It’s a time to rebalance, and cars and poetry are way more on my mind than interaction design…so, a cool concept for another day. May the rest endure!

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  1. For the record, I decided not to participate before the project began. My reasons are similar to yours: life is ultra-complex and fluid right now, and as much as I was excited by the prospect of such a fun and challenging project, I’m got quite enough on my plate as it is. May the rest endure! PS Congratulations on your latest Auto Cross victory!

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