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Spring Poem

Today, spring is hot and thick,
felt on the fingertips like oil
slick between your pads —
And promise blows through trees
drunk on new leaves and green,
green growth that almost glows—

We forget what year it is
and how old our bodies are,
remembering every other spring,
a bounty of birth potential
glimpsed in fluffy bunnies, fuzzy chicks
making us want to gambol & skip…

Flying down the freeway again,
the wind is no less harsh
but my mein is that much more mellow
My face heats and I am awash
in hope for a future more bright.



– April 24, 2013

Meditation on love

love is truth   love is fire   love flames

love leaps   love knows   love tries

love is loss   love gives   love takes   love balances all

love is light and shadow   love is revolution

love is red   love reddens   love blushes, like a maiden

love dances   love sits still   love is partnership

love hurts   love makes you bleed   love makes you live

love is infinite, inexhaustible, renewing, endless

everybody deserves love   love belongs to everybody

love holds   love releases   love never kills

love watches   love waits   love steps forth

love announces   love speaks   love provides

love drips   love moves   love is all

“Tonight”, a poem


I need to feel small
so I look up at the sky
blue-black, with glowing specks
piercing the dark part of me
and I want to feel huge
so I stare out into space
feeling myself connected, suspended
in the living web, the cold vacuum
pierced through by our being
We love in vibration, and kill
ourselves to protect ourselves
Together we’re woven in nets
à la Indra, dancing, dancing,
swaying in the wind like the trees
by E Bacon
Oct 10, 2010