A new potential technological landscape: both danger and salvation

A strong pattern emerged to me from a variety of publications that I had the time to read today. A new potential technological landscape is emerging in the world, and designers need to be vigilant to how we can help people find meaning amid ever-increasing complexity. 

As an interaction design practitioner, I feel deeply that our discipline stands in a crucial position to better enable people to become more natural, connected, and satisfied with their experiences in our technologically-dominated world. When we look around our own lives and the lives of those we meet, we have to more clearly recognize the impact that technology is having on our human interactions as well as our internal sense of self. Dangerous distractions abound. We designers must keep our eyes free of the seductive veils of technology-qua-technology. We must ensure to the best of our abilities that the solutions we design for people will let them easily focus on whatever they need — whether productive or playful — at any given moment, and furthermore enable — or at least not subvert — people from becoming the kind of human they want to be. 

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