Monthly Archives: April 2009

UX sundial, iteration 3

Yea verily, iteration is a core tenet of design practice! This is the third iteration of this model with some visual improvements; after this one I’ll probably stop postering it. Refer to earlier in this blog for explanations of how these models explicate the disciplines of UX and the activities of IxD on a spectrum of Understanding –> Definition –> Communication.

3 pages of graphic novel I started in 1996

This here’s a weird one…three draft pages from a graphic novel concept that I started way back in 1996. It was going to be called “In the Tree” or maybe “The Wrench The Frown and the Smile”, and featured various views of and around a central tree. Twittering birds were doubtless implicated…. This work never got very far, as I only even inked the first page, and today I find it cathartic to post this unfinished work, letting me archive it and move on. Onwards and upwards, hopefully!